To help ensure global public health, safety and security by safeguarding the opportunities offered by advances in the life sciences and their application through the promotion of best practices, standards and codes of conduct.


4th International Biosecurity Symposium, Milan Italy

4th International Biosecurity Symposium, 10-12 October 2012, Milan, Italy

Terence Taylor spoke at the 4th International Biosecurity Symposium on the subject of the Responsible Conduct of Science.  The event took place at the Cusani Palace in Milan, Italy and was attended by participants from around the world. BBIC Steering Committee members Dr Nisreen al-Hmoud (Jordan) and Dr Anwar Nasim (Pakistan) also presented. The event was organised by Milan University under the leadership of Professor Maria Rita Gismondo. In addition to ICLS the sponsoring oganisations included the European Biosafety Association, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the Italian government.

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